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best protein powder for bodybuilding


A protein powder for bodybuilding is a mixture of high protein compounds that you can take with milk or water. Protein powders are generally made of Whey or Soy compounds. As you know that proteins are the building blocks of the body, So when you take regular measures of those powders with your regular diet you can gain significant amount of weight and it helps you to build muscle easily. So if you have decided that you need to buy good protein powder for bodybuilding for your diet and exercise needs then here is the list of.



Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% Whey Gold Standard

Whey Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

As the name suggest this is the gold standard in the protein powders. This is the best selling whey protein powder in USA & INDIA. It contains 100% pure whey proteins and its size is about 2 lbs. It is to be consumed after a workout because it is very effective in recovering from an intense workout. It is also available in many flavors like chocolate, Strawberry, Banana etc.

Of about 24 grams of this powder with water or milk everyday can give you awesome results and give a boost to your workout efforts if you are looking to build muscle.

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Muscletech Nitrotech Performance Series

 Muscletech Nitrotech Performance Series Protein Powder

This a whey isolate plus Muscle builder from Nitrotech Performance series. This protein powder for bodybuilding has a lot of clean whey protein which helps every bodybuilder in growing muscle effectively and faster. It weighs a 3.97 lbs. By adding this protein powder to your diet can help you get to the desired results faster.


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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Powder

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Powder

This whey protein powder for bodybuilding from elite is another good option for people who look after their carb intake. It comes in a size of 5 lbs and comes in a chocolate flavor. It has a good amount of protein compound hence it helps in balancing ions in the body. Also it helps to rapidly increase the amino acids , which helps to repair cells. It’s good for something like the branch chain amino acids which is vital because cells use these acids right after the workout for body stability after the workout.

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BSN Syntha 6 – 5 lbs

BSN Syntha 6 - 5 lbs protein powder

The BSN Syntha is known to be the best tasting protein powder in the market currently , But not just that it’s a also a very effective one. The reason for that is it has a good mixture of proteins and amino acids which helps in building muscle faster. It also replenishes your energy faster. The container is of 5-6 lbs and can be good enough for up to 40 servings.

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SAN 100% Pure Titanium Whey

SAN 100% Pure Titanium Whey

You might have seen the big black hunk like looking protein powders for bodybuilding in gyms or wellness stores. The SAN Pure titanium looks just like that and is a good option to get that work done for you. It is used by serious athletes because they need the 100% whey protein content. This contains a total serving of 70 to 75 scoops. It’s also one of the affordable ones.

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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer

Best Protein Powder MuscleBlaze Mass GainerThe MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer as it is said that it’s recommended by experts. This particular mass gainer comes in various sizes ranging from 2 Kg to massive 5kg. As all protein powders go it has high levels of protein compounds , Vitamins , Minerals etc. It helps to revive your energy and also helps in reducing fatigue after a strong workout session.

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Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Protein Powder for BodybuildingThe Ultimate Nutrition Prostar comes in Blue color so it’s easy to pick one from the shelf or buy online. Like every other protein powder for bodybuilding this has a great balance of proteins and amino acids which helps to shape your muscles and also regain energy from workout sessions. This is proved to be one of the best just like others in usage by the customers. It comes in various sizes the biggest one of which is 5.28 lbs.

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Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Protein PowderThe optimum nutrition has a couple of protein powders in it’s ON series and this one is a part of mass gainer protein powder. Used by nutrition experts and mass gainers the Optimum nutrition is one of the best and cost effective method of adding whey protein in your exercise routine. This one is different than what we saw earlier hence it comes in a green packaging. It comes both in a container and a bag. And you can get it around the size of 6lbs.

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Advance Nutratech Weight Gainer 6.6Lbs

Advance Nutratech Weight Gainer 6.6Lbs another protein powder for bodybuildingThis made in India protein powder comes with a lot of healthy ingredients such as Carbohydrate blend( Glucose, dextrose, polymers) with soy protein mixture , caseinate , Calcium etc. It’s easy to spot one on the shelfs or online because it comes in a black and golden packaging. Also it comes with a free spill proof protein shaker. It comes in two flavours chocolate and banana.

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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL for bodybuildingLast but certainly not the least, on our list is the Muscleblaze Mass gainer XXL. This has been one of the most trusted and appreciated muscle gainer for quite some time and users are more than satisfied with the results of this product. This comes in a chunky yellow and black container of 3 kg or 6.6 lbs. This has all the goodies that is required for gaining muscle and is easy to spot on a shelf due to it’s color. It comes in three flavors Vanilla, Chocolate & Cafe Mocha.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Protein Powder For Bodybuilding

Weather you go the gym regularly or planning to join one , You might have heard about Protein Powders. Yes the same magic substance which helps body-builders to grow muscle and impress or rather give a complex to other people. Yes it’s a proven fact that protein powders for bodybuilding are indeed effective and taken with right quantity & with right exercise routine can provide some seriously impressive results.

So what protein powder is good for you? Here are 5 Tips for choosing the best protein powder for bodybuilding.


USAGE is the key factor in determining which protein powder is best for u. If you are a hardcore body builder who is serious about growing muscle or if you are planning to do so then a protein powder with high WHEY protein is the one for you.WHEY is the best ingredient to consume if your priority is muscle gain.

If you are a normal fitness enthusiast whose major priority is to gain weight and add shape to your body then SOY protein will provide you with a balanced supply of proteins and nutrients. Hence as i mentioned USAGE is the key in determining which protein powder is the best for you.


You may not be keen on checking out ingredients in your food products but be keen on checking out nutrition information of a protein powder. Many people choose the expensive hardcore protein powder for their regular exercise or some choose the less effective protein powder for their exerting workout , so choosing the right one with right ingredients is a must.

For weight trainers and Bodybuilders :

1.WHEY protein

2.Premium quality protein compound (Important)


4.Amino acids (Helps relax muscles)


For health enthusiasts and body shapes:

1.SOY Protein




5 Minerals


Determine how much quantity will you require for your exercise routine. Here again your requirement will be judged upon what kind of exercise routine do you follow.If you are a heavy Body Builder then you might need the size between 5-6 lbs. This is because a protein powder for bodybuilding is an essential part of your diet hence you need a bigger quantity to match your body’s demand. There are even bigger sizes to check out if you need it.But if you are a normal fitness conscious person then the size between 2-4 lbs will be just enough. You can find them easily in stores or online, and they won’t cost you much to purchase.


Brand is one of the major concerns when checking out for protein powders. A good brand is something that would suit your body, Your requirement and will give you desired results but also the important factor to keep in mind is is the protein powder of a good quality. What are the reviews of the product. Will it be a good option? Such are the questions that you need to look after.

If you are confused here’s a list of Good brands in protein powders that you need to consider:

Optimum Nutrition (ON), BSN Syntha , Muscle Blaze, SAN Titanium, Muscle Tech etc

So when you are looking to buy a protein powder you might want to stick with one trusted brand so that you can maintain a continuity and proper balance in your diet. Check for brands, Read reviews, See if one brand offers the proper product for your exercise needs and then select a product for purchase & Consumption


Continuity is the factor that will determine your results. When you have selected a brand make sure you continue with it. If you are on a  regular protein diet for eg. On BSN syntha & you switch to Optimum nutrition’s SOY protein then you might  find it difficult to gain desired result. So make sure whatever brand of protein powder you choose you stay with it and you complete the entire dosage. In previous points we have mentioned how you can select the best brand according to your need hence you have to be diligent in your diet & workout in order to get desired result.

Select a Brand that you are comfortable with. Notice it’s results after a month’s use. If it works for you, you will have your perfect protein powder for bodybuilding for your exercise needs. If you keep those points in mind you can find the perfect protein powder for your fitness needs.

How Much Protein Powder For Bodybuilding Should You Take?

So, You just just joined the gym or you just want to add a good protein powder to your diet. But the question arises , How much protein powder should you take?

When it comes to bodybuilding protein powders are an essential part. Because it’s not easy to get enough proteins from your regular diet. You need some type of extra soluble protein which you can drink and which will supply you with enough proteins and carbs for your desired weight gain results and not just for bodybuilding but also it’s helpful in maintaining a healthy exercise pattern. If you want to gain some weight because you are too skinny.

So what’s the quantity for a serious bodybuilder?

First thing to keep in mind if you are serious about bodybuilding is you have to focus on exercise and Diet. You have to take whey protein as well as milk protein and egg protein. For whey protein you can take protein powders.

With the regular diet at least you should take about 80-100 grams of protein. Now this is a not as easy as it looks because you have to take this protein powder with your regular exercise and workout sessions. For the number of hours you spend at the gym and the amount of weight gain you require must be kept in mind before you consume this much protein powder everyday.

You need to add vegetables, Pulses(dals) & fruits to your diet. Many bodybuilders add a mixture of about 100-200 almonds everyday in their diet. They drink milk and WHEY protein to help them build muscle.

And for normal fitness?

Well if you are into gaining weight and shaping your body into the perfect size then you won’t require large amount of protein powder for bodybuilding. What you will need is a proper & regular exercise and 2-3 lbs of protein powder.

Most preferable for this type is the SOY protein. SOY protein will help you gain weight and regular exercise will help you stay fit. You might want to stay away away from milk products because it will make you fat and not healthy.

To follow this fitness mode you have to exercise daily. Running, Jogging, cycling or Gym is preferred. Then right after a workout you can consume the protein powder. Protein powders have enzymes in it that help you replenish your energy & relax your muscles.

Hence you will require the protein powder of the size of about 5-6 lbs. Also check my post on types of protein powder.

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