Types of Protein Powders.

Types of Protein Powders

Have you ever wondered how many types of protein powders are available in the market?

Yes, There are types in protein powders. In this case one size fits all logic doesn’t apply. For different types of workout & fitness results different types of protein powders for bodybuilding are used. Heavy bodybuilders use WHEY protein in large quantities while athletes and fitness enthusiasts use SOY protein as a part of their diet.

types of protein powders for bodybuilding

Here are the types of protein powders:

  1. WHEY Concentrate
    WHEY concentrate is the starting point of protein powders which is used to build muscle. WHEY protein can be a great start for you if you joined the gym and want to see desired results quickly. The point to remember here though is for the people who are not used to WHEY protein can feel bloated or un-easy for the first time. WHEY protein powders are easily available and are cheaper to buy compared to the professional ones.

2. WHEY Isolate

This is a bit expensive than the WHEY concentrate. WHEY Isolate is known to be absorbed quickly by the body. It’s not the fastest one though we will see that later but look at WHEY isolates as an upgrade to the WHEY concentrate. It lies somewhere in the middle. We are seeing now-a-days companies moving towards WHEY isolates because they are faster in absorption which leads to better results.

3. CASEIN Protein

This one is different from other types of proteins. CASEIN is actually slower than other form of protein powders but there’s a good reason for that. CASEIN protein is usually consumed before going to bed, so that your body can absorb the proteins in a period of time. You can even take it in the morning so you can get a good energy for the day.


HYDROLYSATE protein is really the best quality of the protein powder that you can buy. It’s much faster to be absorbed by the body and it has much more protein concentrate. Basically it’s the most effective protein powder in the market. Yes and it costs higher than those of regular protein powders. Professional athletes & sports persons use this protein powders to get major boost in energy and to build muscle strength.

5. SOY Protein

We have covered SOY protein in various articles. SOY protein can be said as a cleaner more vegetarian source of protein. SOY protein is not used by serious body builders but it’s used more by the fitness enthusiasts like runners, Cyclist or the ones who are looking to gain weight without getting fat. SOY protein is available widely in stores or online and is comparatively cheaper than other forms of protein drinks.

6. EGG Albumin

The EGG Albumin is not in powder from, rather it’s sold in cans of containers. The EGG Albumin can trace it’s roots back to the time when there was no protein powders. Everyone used to rely on egg whites to gain protein. This is the same thing. It gives you the goodness of egg white and the protein to build muscle and gain energy.


MILK PROTEIN ISOLATE is the mixture of WHEY protein and SOY protein. It’s an effective protein powder for bodybuilding. It’s not entirely pure WHEY protein so it won’t help you with your hardcore exercise plans but it is effective in your daily fitness activities. This is a good alternative to just SOY Protein. Although keep in mind that it is not preferred during night.

Hence these are they types of protein powders.


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