Jogging vs Walking Which One Is Better?

Jogging vs Walking Fitness these days is a big challenge not because it take will power and discipline but because when you ask people what is fitness? The first thing they will say is,  if you are slim you are fit or if you have a certain figure you are fit and this is a huge misconception, fitness is the ability to carry out daily tasks and routine physical activities without feeling under fatigue. Basically it means to be fit enough that you don’t get breathless too easily. If you can move your body through its entire range of motion without pain or stiffness you are fit. So you see the problem is people know too little of what fitness is. It is also a challenge because the food we eat are not healthy are adulterated or processed food. It doesn’t contain required nutritional value and are high in fats and calories. Our indiscipline irregular lifestyle is a also a reason we are not fit. So the first step towards fitness is eating right and living in discipline and major step is doing exercise with right goal so, next time when you do exercise or hit the gym make fitness your goal and not smiling.

jogging is good for health

Now to stay fit you just have to eat healthy, exercise and take proper rest.

Anaerobic exercise stand as a great routine which one must include.

Such exercises include walking and jogging.

This can be done by people of any age young, middle or old, but there is always one confusion among this which one is better walking or jogging.

Walking vs Jogging which one is better.

Both will help improve your sleep, promote weight loss, boost your energy level, elevate your mood, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, insomnia and cardio-vascular disease.

Walking and jogging both are good exercise, cost less sometimes nothing and easy to do.

And the best part is it is a social activity as you can go for walk or jog with your friends and family.

Jogging is more  rigorous therefore burn more fat in shorter distance and less time as compared to walking basically the harder you work, the more calories you will burn which is the key.

Jogging helps to burn more calories than walking but walking have some advantages which jogging can’t provide that is less risk of injury, less wear and tear on your joints.

People assume that walking is simply slow jogging. It’s not.

You can walk briskly and still keep up with a jogger but the difference is in your feet. When jogging or running, one foot can leave the ground, with walking, one foot is touching the ground at all times, so as the heel of one foot begins to leave the ground, the toe of the other foot is touching it. This is important because it’s this aspect of walking that makes it low-impact compared to jogging or running, even when it’s done at high speed.

Reportedly, jogging burns 800 calories/hr whereas, walking burns 300 calories/hr.

Although the idea is to be fit so do whatever suits you and with which you are comfortable.

Eat healthy sleep well and keep jogging or walking.

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